Open Knowledge

Open Knowledge is a global non-profit organisation focusing on open information. The group has produced an Open Data Handbook that provides guidance on legal, social and technical aspects of open data, including step-by-step how-to guides. The handbook also includes a number of case studies, videos and articles highlighting the socio-economic value of open data.

Open Knowledge Working Group on Open Government Data

Open Knowledge has a Working Group on Open Government Data which publishes information at The Working Group is open to everyone and runs a mailing list, regular conference calls and a wiki.

The Open Data Institute

The Open Data Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation founded by Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt. The Institute offers online courses, membership, webinars and events that are accessible to people around the world. They also have a research focus and an app for governments who want to track their progress with open data.

There is also an Australian Open Data Institute chapter based in Queensland.

Code for America

Code for America operates as a network focusing on improving government service delivery through technology. They have a project focusing on the creation of municipal open data portals called the Digital Front Door Project. They have also put together an Open Government Playbook which provides guidance on establishing government open data programs.

The World Bank

In 2014, The World Bank joined forces with the Open Data Institute and Open Knowledge in a project designed to help policy-makers, NGOs and citizens in developing countries to understand and harness the benefits of open data. This resulted in the creation of the World Bank’s Open Data Toolkit which includes a number of training resources.

Sunlight foundation

The Sunlight Foundation is a US non-profit that focuses on open data, tech and journalism in the context of democratic participation. It began operating in 2006 and has produced Open Data Policy Guidelines with a focus on proactive release, engagement, efficiency and economic growth.

Open Government Partnership Open Data Working Group

The Open Government partnership is an international group that launched in 2011. It aims to promote open government more broadly, including open data. It is overseen by a Steering Committee comprising government and non-government representatives. Australia is a participating country of the partnership and is developing an action plan for open government. Consultation on the Australian action plan began on 17 November 2015.

The OGP Open Data Working Group’s workflow includes:

  • development of open data principles and tools
  • measuring the impact of open data
  • promoting standards and interoperability (including an inventory of current standards )
  • expanding tools and resources

Open Data Stack Exchange

The Open Data Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for developers and researchers interested in open data.


Socrata is a private cloud software company founded in 2007 and based in Seattle. Their website contains a link to an Open Data Network which operates as a repository of international datasets and is designed to connect people who publish data with data users e.g. businesses, developers and analysts. Members of the network also connect to share best practices and standards.

Socrata also has an Open Data Field Guide written in plain English and aimed at more experienced open data providers.

The Socrata website contains links to a number of webinars and other resources, including case studies about how open data has created efficiencies for government (focusing on the Socrata software).

Project Open Data

Project Open Data is a US government collection of code, tools and case studies to help agencies implement the US government open data policy. The project maintains a list of useful tools and materials here.


Apolitical publishes articles on useful ideas and case studies for governments around the world, including a “Data for Impact” theme.