A simple dataset register helps keep track of the organisation’s data assets, and helps manage and prioritise their eventual release as open data. It focuses on:

  • Where the data is managed (who “owns” it? what system is it in? which organisational unit is it under? is it already published in some form?)
  • Technical attributes of the data (is it spatial? how many attributes? how often is it updated?)
  • The value of data to the public (potential uses? comparable datasets? how unique is it?)
  • Its progress towards being published (does it need cleanup? confidential information removed? transformation to meet an open data standard? approvals?)

In particular, assessing the potential value and the effort involved in releasing a dataset helps prioritise and manage a pipeline of releases.

It can form the basis of a complete information asset register, including confidential data which will not be released.

A glimpse of City of Greater Geelong's dataset register, July 2015.
A glimpse of City of Greater Geelong’s dataset register, July 2015.

Downloadable template

You can use this OpenCouncilData dataset register template to get started.